Help Us Make Essentials Delivery Permanent

We have come so far since starting this community support work over 3 months ago, and we want to continue this for a lifetime so we have decided to take the leap of registering as a CIC and CIO to continue our efforts and be able to obtain proper funding 🎉

We have worked 16+ hour days, 7 days a week for the past 8 weeks and so far have helped over 5500+ people with essentials and food parcels, and we don’t want this to be just for the pandemic, we are looking to carry this on and continue providing a friendly service to our lovely local community. We have done all of this, alongside our day jobs too!

To see how necessary our service has been, simply read our reviews:

Please consider donating, every penny will go back into helping the community, and possibly saving lives. To continue this service we will need to run a van, pay for storage and other essential costs 💷

Share this as far and wide as you can, because together, we can all make a difference ❤️